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Essentials for your Makeup Kits

Little girls’ makeup kits are part and parcel of their fascination with dressing up and creating fanciful games. Their imaginations are so vivid about characters they want to be and activities they want to do. Yes, it may be princesses or fairies, or it may be dressing up like mummy. And all the while they want some makeup on their faces too. So here are the few essentials you’ll need for lots of safe and fun makeup play.

Makeup kits

1. Crayons for swirls, stripes and more 

Start your kids makeup kits with Natural Play Makeup Crayons. These are pastel colours so they’re pretty and light, as well as soft on children’s delicate skin. Use the crayons to draw great swirls around faces, stripes on arms and legs, simple flowers and rainbows, plus makeup just like mummy. 

2. Create some magic with powder dust or paint 

Next add bright and vibrant colours to makeup kits for kids with mineral powders.  Almost magical, these can be used wet or dry and will have your little one’s faces glowing for all the right reasons. You can add some water to the powders for a face paint look then use a brush or finger paint it onto the body. Or dust the dry powder over bare skin or crayon. These are super versatile little pots of colour.

3. Hair colour’s a must in kids makeup kits 

Glorious locks or crazy frizz, be sure to include natural hair colours in your kids makeup kits for some outrageous looks. No need to worry, these colours aren’t permanent. But kids love the zany fun of colouring their hair to match their dress up. Think patches of bold colours or wisps making a rainbow – the options are endless and easy to wash out.

4. Add a little icing to create pretty finger tips 

The final essential of makeup kits, the icing on the cake of any dress up masterpiece is some gorgeous nail polish. Your little one may never have been so quiet and still as they sit patiently and wait for you to apply a coat of polish to their finger tips. Create patterns of alternate colours or paint dots on a base, soon you’ll have your own private nail spa with these child-friendly polishes.

So add these key items to your children’s makeup kits to help take their imaginative, dress up play to a whole new level. From fairytale themes or fast forwarding to adulthood (oh dear), by just adding a few age-appropriate cosmetics you will open up a whole world of new fun as your children play and make believe.

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