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Top 5 Nail Polish Colours to Wear

Choosing the best nail polish colour to wear can sometimes be a little tricky – even when you’re a little girl, you have to decide whether to stick to your favourite shade or venture into trying something new. So to give you a little help, here are the top five nail polish colours to wear this season, and some tips on when and to what occasions you could wear these colours.

Nail polish colours

1. Perfectly pretty pink 

By far the number one choice of nail polish colour of girls everywhere, is a pretty pink just like our Issy Pink. It’s the colour of girly fun, of so many spring flowers, and often everything that’s considered pretty by little girls. Wear to parties and celebrations.

2. Warm and sunny yellow 

A surprisingly popular nail polish colour is a bright and beautiful yellow, like our Yummy Yellow. It’s the colour of happiness and positivity, and makes you think of sunflowers and heart warming smiles. Wear for an added little ray of sunshine to brighten up the day.

3. Nail polish colour that’s Gaelic green

You don’t have to be an Irish lass to wear the nature-inspired nail polish colour of green, or more specifically Lucky Green. The colour of harmony and health, your little girl (or boy for that matter) may even get some of the luck of the Irish with this cool colour dancing on their finger tips. Wear for outdoor activities, like playing in the park or riding bikes.

4. Calming, peaceful blue 

Well at least your little one’s nail polish colour can be a calming and peaceful blue, just like our Bon Bon Blue. Think calm blue ocean and clear blue skies, or maybe just a little bit of Disney’s Cinderalla. Wear to pool parties and out to the beach.

5. Regal and elegant purple 

If your little girl has thoughts of grandeur, then a purple nail polish colour may be just what she needs – like our Poppety Purple. The colour of relaxation, harmony and bliss, you may just make your little one blissfully happy with a coat of purple polish on her nails. Wear to very, very special dress up occasions.

There you have the top five nail polish colours for your little poppets this season. Choose just one colour for big impact, make patterns with two, or create a rainbow with all the colours. You’re children will love the attention of having their nails painted and the fun of having brightly coloured nails.

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