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Three awesome face painting ideas to keep kids entertained!

Face painting is a great way to entertain kids, and adults, on those long rainy days. If your kids are tired of the same old games, why not use our non-toxic face paints to turn your little ones into pirates, cheeky lions or a fairy with these super easy face painting ideas. 


Step one in creating a swash buckling pirate is to create a base with white face paint. Tap a little of the white natural mineral powder from our natural face paint girls pack into a dish. Wet a sponge with a little water and mix the powder into a smooth paint. Apply the white base across the entire forehead, on a slight diagonal above the eyebrows. You can frame this with a black line and some red dots to make this look like a bandana. Add a knot next to the eye for emphasis.

Next, create an eye patch with our natural mineral powder in black on the upper and lower eyelid. Don’t forget to add the strings of the eye patch either side and up to the bandana. Finish with a cute swirly moustache and beard. Add a scar down the cheek with a simple line and cross stitch for added affect. Arrr matey! 

Face painting ideas

Noisy Lion

You’ll have plenty of fun on a rainy day if you turn your little monkeys into cute little lions!

Create the look by simply covering the face with orange natural mineral powder. Add some white over the eyebrow, going just above each eyebrow in an arch. Frame this with a little of the black natural mineral powder and create a jagged edge.

To make the mouth, cover the upper lid and a little below the bottom lip in white mineral powder. Cover the tip of the nose in black natural mineral powder. To finish the look add a line from the nose to the upper lip, in the middle, and add some black dots and whiskers. Roar!

Fairies, princesses and more

For more simple face painting ideas, use our face painting stencils or create your own stencils using any image that inspires you or your children.

There are many free images and templates available on the web that can be used to create a stencil. Simply print and cut around the image, hold the stencil in place and fill with the appropriate colours. Use the natural play makeup crayon to create highlights and framing.

Creating lasting memories with these fun face painting ideas is a great way to break from the same old rainy day activities. Get the kids together and dress up as pirates, lions or fairies. Let your children’s imaginations really run wild. With our natural face paint packs your kids can be whoever they want, even if it’s just for a day.

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