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How to use face paint stencils

Face paint stencils take the hassle out of creating a beautiful paint creation every time. You only need to look at the queue of eager faces at your next school fete to know how much kids love face painting! It inspires the imagination and let’s children lose themselves in their favourite character, not to mention the joy of admire each other’s wild new looks.

Pure Poppet provides natural face painting packs for non toxic face fun! And there’s no need to try and draw an intricate animal free hand. Our guide to ‘how to use face painting stencils’ together with a natural face painting pack or play make-up stencils from Pure Poppet will save you lots of time and convince your kids that you’re the Picasso of the playground! 

Preparing the face

Pure Poppet stocks only all natural, non toxic products that are free from all the nasty chemicals found in other face paint products. It is still advisable to test a small amount on a patch of skin to check that there are no allergy issues before you get creative. Read all about the natural ingredients found in Pure Poppet products here. Once you’ve done a patch test, simply make sure the skin is clean and dry before applying face paint.

Face paint stencils face paint stencils face paint stencils

Applying with a brush

To use Pure Poppet face paints, tap out a little of the mineral powder into a small dish. Place a face paint stencil on the face. Dip the brush into a little water and use the wet brush to mix around the powder and create a smooth paint. Try to hold the stencil as still as possible to get the best result. Outline or highlight the image with a natural play makeup crayon.

Applying with a sponge

You can use a sponge applicator to wipe over the stencil for a simple no-mess application method. Prepare the mineral powder by tapping out a little into a dish. Dip the sponge into some water and squeeze out any excess. Then, use the sponge to stir the powder into paint. Hold the face paint stencil on the area you wish to paint and carefully dab the sponge over the stencil until you fill the area with colour. Outline or highlight the image with a natural play makeup crayon.

Using multiple stencils to create one design

Our natural face paint packs come with a choice of either three face paint stencil designs or three stencils that can be used together to form one design. Carefully apply each of the stencils to each area of the face, being careful not to rub off already prepared areas.

There is no need to be afraid of face painting at home, using natural and safe products. Now you can be the artist, and impress your kids with easy, practical and fun face painting stencils.

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