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Pure Poppet Makes it to Anthill's Smart 100 List

Pure Poppet, Australia’s leading natural play make-up and face paint range for kids, is today proud to announce that they have won themselves a spot on Anthill’s Smart 100 List, naming them as one of Australia’s 100 most innovative products. The Anthill Magazine Smart 100 Index is one of the largest and most audacious innovation awards of its kind in Australia.

Georga Holdich, mother of two and Founder of Pure Poppet says, “I’m thrilled that Pure Poppet has been announced as one of Anthill’s Smart 100 Index as I’m truly passionate about spreading the word on non-toxic products, especially for children. This list showcases some of the country’s top pioneering and innovative businesses and as a growing brand ourselves, I’m honoured to be a part of that.

“I tried everywhere to find something safe for my own little poppets to put on their face and to let them play with when dressing up but there was nothing available. So, I worked with Australian product developers to create Pure Poppet, which has been certified non-toxic by Safe Cosmetics Australia. Pure Poppet continues to innovate, expanding our range into non-toxic nail polish, face paint, lip balms and more. So being a part of these awards really reflects what our brand is about,” adds Georga.

A highly innovative panel of over 50 judges will now score each of the top 100 according to a set of specific criteria – The sum of the scores determines each company’s rank within the top 100. On May 30, the ranking of the Top 100 will be revealed at an evening awards gala at the Museum of Contemporary Art. This night will celebrate the achievements of the Top 100 and the Honourable mentions.

This educational event hosted by Anthill will include the opportunity to:

  • Learn what makes a product, service, idea or innovation attractive to customers, clients, the media and investors
  • Learn how to make your innovation hotter, unlock untapped innovation opportunities and avoid the common startup traps and pitfalls
  • Learn about marketing, the media and speaking to investors, at a fun and fast-paced night of celebration

The SMART 100 is the largest innovation awards program in Australia, attracting entries and nominations from over 700 startups, inventors, business builders, intrapreneurs and more.

Pure Poppet continues to make dress-ups extra exciting and super safe as they expand their innovative, natural and non-toxic range allowing imaginations to run wild. With Pure Poppet it’s all about adding some colour to your day, having heaps of fun and doing it safely. Keep your poppet safe, natural and toxin free, and enjoy dress ups the harmless way with Pure Poppet’s range of children’s play makeup and face paint products. 

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