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Frozen makeup for kids | Pure Poppet | Easy Face Painting Ideas

Transform your little snow lovers into Anna, Elsa and Olaf with our easy face painting ideas, inspired by the Disney movie Frozen. Kids of all ages love to dress up and sing along to this cartoon classic. Whether you’re planning a special morning at the movies, or just an afternoon of fun at home, here are some fun makeup ideas for the characters from Frozen.

Choosing a character

There are lots of great personalities in Frozen, but the easiest ones for face painting fun are Princess Elsa, Princess Anna, Olaf (the snowman) and Sven (the reindeer).  Once you have your character ideas in place, choose child friendly makeup like the Pure Poppet range which is easy to apply and doesn’t contain any chemical nasties.  What’s more, when it’s time to “Let it Go” and take off the makeup you’ll be pleased you chose a water soluble, easy to remove product.

Top tip: have some pictures of the character you are going to create on hand as you work. These will be handy for your own reference as well as keeping your child busy while you transform them! 

Princess Elsa

Elsa is the older sister, gifted with the ability to create snow, so her signature colour is icy blue. Start with a light foundation, moisturiser or tinted sunscreen. This will help the colours adhere to your little one’s skin. Elsa has thin arched eyebrows and ‘cats eye’ liner.  In the movie, she wears purple eyeshadow, but any shade of blue or mauve will be effective. Wash the colour over the whole upper lid to the brow, then deepen it over the eye. Raspberry lips in a shimmer lipstick will give her a glamorous smile. A pale pink blush on the roses of the cheeks will stop her from looking too cold. If you have a snowflake template (or a steady hand!) you might like to add a few white or blue snowflakes across her cheeks to make it very clear this is Elsa. 

Princess Anna

Anna is the determined and courageous younger sister. Start with a foundation similar to Elsa’s. Give Anna her signature pinky-orange eyeshadow. She doesn’t need Elsa’s sophisticated eyeliner, but when you put a rosy blush on her cheeks, twirl a bit on the tip of her nose to show how cold she gets. Emphasise her youth with a sprinkling of freckles (dotted on in brown pencil), concentrated over the centre of her face and nose. Plain lip balm or pink tinted gloss will finish off her pretty, natural look. If you are using a setting powder, you might want to use it to add the unique streak visible in Anna’s hair. 


Olaf is a bit of a clown, so don’t be afraid to be quite bold! Start with a white base all over the face. Draw brown eyebrows half way up the forehead. Next, add a black circle around each eye, from the (natural) eyebrow to the top of the cheek. Make the outline thicker at the top, as it crosses the brows. You can even draw a black dot on the centre of each eyelid for truly cartoon-like eyes! Now colour an orange carrot all the way down your child’s nose. Using black again, draw a half-oval shaped smile around your child’s mouth, and fill it in, leaving a rectangle of white from below the nose to the upper lip for his two white teeth. Cheeky and cheerful! 


Sven is a great choice for kids who don’t have the patience for full face makeup, as you can easily create a recognisable reindeer across the upper face. Start with white eye sockets, from below the eyebrow to about 1 cm below the eyes. Next sponge brown over the eyebrows and cross to the temples, down the face until level with the nostrils. Blend in the edges so you don’t have a tidemark across the face! Next, sponge on white over the nostrils and lower nose. Use a black pencil to draw in the tip of the nose. Splotch some large white dots over the brown areas of the cheeks and voila - instant reindeer!

Encourage your children’s imaginations by helping them to get into the spirit of the Frozen characters with these easy face painting ideas. They’ll be trilling “Do you want to build a snowman?” all afternoon!

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