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Kids Makeup by Pure Poppet - Colourful | Beautiful | Natural  

For creative kids, the body is a canvas! Unfortunately a lot of kids makeup contains nasty toxins that hang around on your little one’s skin long after the face painting party is over. Pure Poppet brings you a gorgeous collection of bright, beautiful makeup, face painting kits and kids nail polish products made from natural ingredients for totally safe, totally fun pretend play. Let your kids explore the world of colour with almost entirely Australian made, non toxic makeup for kids! 

Colour without chemicals

Pure Poppet was created by a mum who worried about harmful side effects from chemicals in kids nail polish and face painting products. We spend a lot of time preparing healthy, natural foods for our children – so why expose sensitive skin to solvents, formaldehyde or harsh artificial colours at play time?   Pure Poppet brings you a great range of water based nail polish, non toxic face paint and natural makeup that actually moisturizes and protects young skin. Pure Poppet lets you transform boys and girls into lions and fairies, without any nasties. 

Makeup sets, kids nail polish, face painting kits

Pure Poppet has kids covered when it comes to imaginative play. Our natural makeup kits make terrific children's gift ideas or creative surprises when you’re looking for things to do in the holidays. Liven up a party using non toxic face paint and cool stencils, or let the kids create masterpieces for each other with easy-grip natural makeup crayons. Creative play actually stimulates children's brain development, as well as their giggle reflex! And now, little make believers can also stay toxin free when you add Pure Poppet kids makeup to your dress up box.

Colourful, beautiful, natural kids makeup available online at Pure Poppet. Non toxic face paint, kids nail polish and makeup sets for creative fun without the harsh chemicals. 

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