Natural play makeup, natural face paint kits and non toxic nail polish for children - 15% off

Shimmer Stacks

What can young girls use to add a natural highlight to their skin...

These Shimmer Stacks are multi-purpose: they can add a sparkle to the skin but are still quite subtle, making the perfect lip gloss, cheek shine and eye shadow for tweens. Or they are great for the younger poppets who love to dress up and want to add to the ultimate princess or fairy sparkle outfits. Each stack contains two natural body shimmers, in "Evie Boo White" and "Millie Rose" plus a completely vegan formulated, natural lip shine in "Cotton Candy". Applicator included. An ideal natural, sparkly treat for any Poppet who likes to shine!

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Halloween Makeup Ideas For Kids

Halloween calls for full cover face paint! Check out our great Halloween makeup ideas for frightful fun.

kids makeup

Getting Started

Children’s skin is sensitive. The best kids’ face paints are non-reactive mineral products with no nasty chemicals. Pure Poppet face paints are designed to give you special effects, not side effects, even if you’re going for a full face effect.

Kids have limited patience, so make sure you have everything ready before you sit them down for makeup. Hopefully, you will have agreed on a design before you begin! YouTube is a great resource for watching step by step instructions, but don’t be convinced to do anything too complicated; try to simplify. The most effective faces use a few colours and don’t take hours to apply.

Face paint is the finishing touch to your child’s Halloween costume, so have them fully dressed and any wig or hair style completed before you start. Pop an apron or old shirt over their costume if you’re concerned about getting makeup on their clothes. Make sure it can be removed without smudging the child’s face.

Witches and Warlocks

For wicked witches and warlocks, start with a base colour of green, then highlight with yellow on the middle of the nose, the chin, forehead and upper cheek bone. Paint black or purple paint along the bottom of cheek bone, apply a line in a half circle on the chin and sides of nose and blend to soften a little. White or yellow eye shadow gives the eyes a sunken appearance. Create menacing eyebrows in black with a high angle and add a few black wrinkles (white shading along each line will make them stand out). Finish the look with black or dark green lipstick and glue-on wart! If you choose to add elements like warts or Frankenstein’s bolts, please use a child safe adhesive.


To create this look, the face is reduced to white and black planes, with the eyes ‘popping’ out of black empty sockets. Consider extending the look down the neck, chest and hands. Painting white bones and blacking out the rest of the exposed flesh will chill your audience to the bone!

A more modern take is the South American ‘Day of the Dead’ festival inspired faces, with wide grinning mouths extended across the lower half of the face. Girls might like to incorporate a wreath of flowers on the temples and across the forehead. Sequins and stick on jewels can brighten up the monochromatic look.


The base colour here is white. Shade in the temples and create sunken cheekbones with an unhealthy purple pallor. Purple eye shadow with a touch of red or pink under the eyes gives a tired, sinister impression. Iconic arched eyebrows and a ‘widow’s peak’ hairline in black will make your child instantly recognisable as Count Dracula. Bloody red lips are a must, but be wary of using fake blood as some of them stain badly. You can always use a red crayon to create a dribble of blood running from the mouth. Just add fangs and watch people run from your path!

Frankenstein's Monster

Frankenstein’s monster is a very shabby creature, so his makeup doesn’t have to be perfect! Start by sponging on a green base. Create the characteristic square head shape by using unhealthy purple shadows down each side of the face, from temple to chin. Paint in low black eyebrows and brooding black eye shadow. He needs a slightly wavy black frown line across his forehead. Blend this in a bit so that it is distinct from the black stitch marks, which can be painted on with a fine brush. Glue plastic bolts on either side of the forehead if you choose, and add a lurching walk to finish the look!


Not all kids are willing or able to sit still for makeup when there is trick or treating to be done! A full face cobweb is a quick, easy and effective way to get your child into the spirit of Halloween without too much fuss. Centre the web on the tip of the nose and draw 5-6 black lines radiating outwards. Then sketch in the connecting bars of the web. A hairy rubber spider is the perfect accessory!

Top tip: Take photos of the kids BEFORE you set out to visit neighbours and friends, whilst they look fresh and fully made up. By the end of the night, they’ll be too tired to pose, and bolts, spiders and fangs will have fallen by the wayside.

Halloween makeup ideas are a great opportunity to let kid’s imaginations run riot. If you choose products that are child friendly and which will wash off easily, you’ll create some magic memories with fewer tears at the end of the party.

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Kids Face Paint- Clown Face

Clown face ideas for kids face paint fun don’t need to be complicated. We’ve created some simple versions of the classic face paint styles used by the professionals so you can bring the circus to town!

kids makeup

Classic Clown Face Paint

There are several classic clown styles we are used to seeing on stage. The ‘Auguste’ style is the traditional circus clown. Begin with white (or another very light colour) over the eyes in a large arched-window or dome shape, extending well into the forehead and completely covering the eyebrows. Next a huge white smile is applied to the lower face. Outline both shapes in black. Make a vertical black line running from just above the upper eyelid, down the middle of the eyelid, and ending about half an inch below the eye. Complete the mouth by drawing a dark outline of a smile shape around the mouth (within the larger white mouth shape). Fill this in with bright red. Finish the face by brushing on red blush to the apples of the cheeks and adding a red nose. Now you are ready to squirt water at anyone who sniffs your plastic flowers!

Character Clown Face Paint

Character clowns are simply exaggerated versions of people, like the classic "sad clown". Let your child’s mood guide you! Start with a blank canvas of white face paint all over the face, from hairline to just below the jaw. Create exaggerated features, based on the character or emotion you are portraying.

For a traditional sad clown, blend black with the white face paint on the lower half of the face to produce an unshaven look. Leave the area around the mouth clear for a downturned smile in white (outlined in black), with a smaller red downturned smile inside it. Fill the eye sockets with bright blue or green and add sad eyebrows and perhaps a tear or two. A red nose completes the face.

Whiteface or Pierrot Face Paint

French mime, Marcel Marceau is a well known example of a whiteface clown. Their makeup usually involves a full face of white paint with very little colour or just a few understated features.

The first step is to paint the entire face white, ensuring eyebrows are covered. Hollow out the eyes by rimming them with black paint. Add a pair of small eyebrows about an inch above the real eyebrows. Use black to create other small features, like a teardrop flowing from one or both eyes. Some people simply draw a black or red dot on both cheeks. Make a small red pout about half the length of your child’s real lips to finish the design.

Top Tips

Top tip 1: If you see areas that look smudged or uneven, use a sponge and a little water to wipe away the paint in that area. Dab the area dry with a towel, then reapply the face paint.

Top tip 2: Using lots of dark colours, especially in the eye area, can quickly transform your amusing clown face into something quite sinister. Unless you are going for a Joker-style scary clown, best to avoid heavy eye makeup!

Top tip 3: Clown face paint is usually quite thick and can take a bit of work to remove. Using a kids face paint product that comes off easily (like Pure Poppet’s natural play makeup will make clean up time easier.

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Makeup For Kids By Pure Poppet - The Ultimate Party Entertainment

There's no need to hire a professional face painter for your daughter’s birthday party. All you need are some giggling girls and a party pack of natural, non-toxic makeup for kids from Pure Poppet. Creating a beauty salon in your own home is so simple - and best of all you can be happy knowing that there are no nasties to worry about. It's the most fun they will ever have! Now that’s what I call party entertainment.

makeup for kids

Become a Makeup Artist

Little girls will love the huge range of makeup crayons, lip balms and mineral powders available to them from Pure Poppet. They can take it in turns to become a makeup artist and create masterpieces on their friend’s faces. No idea how to apply? No worries. Use the stencils provided to create playful and fun designs just like a pro. Use the crayons directly onto skin for a made up look, or add a dab of water to magically create colourful face paint.

Open a Nail Salon

Every little girl loves to have her nails painted like Mum. With non-toxic nail polish, every girl at the party can have their fingers and toes painted in a rainbow of colours with no allergy concerns. It’s safe on delicate skin, unlike other store bought varieties, and will wash off once the party is over.

Open a Hairdressing Salon

Set up a line of chairs and let the pampering begin. Use our non-permanent hair colour packs for bright and beautiful locks! Knowing your daughters can colour their hair ‘just for the day’ is a brilliant way to entertain them, without worrying about washing it out for school on Monday.  Every little girl will become an A-list celeb for the day! With pampering, nail painting and makeup the girls will feel fabulous.
Make the next birthday party for your daughter a beauty-do that will put Hollywood to shame. Girls will walk in pretty and walk out ready to take on the world. If you are looking for something extra to add into their goodie bags you can always include a pot of shimmery mineral powder or a crayon in their favourite color, allowing them to continue the fun long after the party is over.

Non-toxic makeup for kids is the only way to go for face painting, nail decorating and creative hairdo fun! Check out the range of packs available at Pure Poppet today.

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Top 5 Makeup Games For Kids

Quite a few websites offer makeup games for kids, but they tend to be a bit repetitive and not much fun for kids who like hands-on play and interacting with their friends. Remember that makeup is not just for girls - games are twice as humorous when the lads get involved! Here are the 5 best games for kids who are ready to have some real makeup fun!

Hygiene and Safety

Before you start, it’s important that your games are safe and clean. Children’s skin is sensitive, so use non-reactive products. Unfortunately some childhood infections are easily spread, so have a think about how you can minimise transfer between kids. Keep a good stock of sponges and cotton buds on hand, for example, so that you can use a fresh one for each child.

One great idea is to give each child their own little set of makeup to enjoy. Pure Poppet have brilliant little ‘play packs’ which could double as lolly-free party favours. You can also raid the clearance bins at department stores or check the budget priced range at the chemist supermarkets, but be aware that cheaper make up may well be full of harsh chemical nasties. Pre-teenage girls usually have HUGE stocks of their own makeup. Why not encourage them to BYO!

Top tip: Stock up on generic face stickers (coloured stars, hearts, circles or squares). These are safe, easy for kids to use, and very effective in lots of different makeup looks.

Now, on with the games!

Re-create the Look

You will need: makeup and mirrors for each person and colour printouts of your chosen makeup ‘look’.
Aim: to copy a makeup style from the picture to your own face.

Don’t be limited to choosing styles the kids are already familiar with (like Disney princesses) - challenge them with a dramatic ‘Chinese Opera’ face or ‘tribal war paint’ idea.

Winner: the person who does the best interpretation of the theme on themselves!

Note: older kids might enjoy the challenge of watching a YouTube video and then trying to match what they have just seen.

Best Face on a Theme

You will need: makeup and mirrors for each person.

Aim: to create an interpretation of a specific theme. Choose a theme like ‘futuristic’ or ‘superhero’ or ‘underwater’ and let the kids go wild!

Winner: the most effective reflection of the theme is the winner.

Lip Prints

You will need: lipstick, tissues, sticky labels, paper and pen for each person.

Aim: to match each person to their lip print.

Each person makes a print of their lips by kissing a tissue. These are handed to the adjudicator who arranges them on a table. It might be handy to label each one on the back! Players view the kisses and write down who they think made each one. Swap answer sheets. The adjudicator identifies the owner of each tissue and the players mark the score sheets.

Winner: the person who guesses the most correctly.

Note: this game is particularly amusing when the boys play!

Mrs Pomfrey's School of Makeup & Beauty

You will need: basic makeup, chairs, a small table and makeup remover.

Players are divided into pairs. Each pair has a turn at performing whilst the others watch. ‘Mrs Pomfrey’ sits in the chair in front of the makeup table with her hands held behind her back. Her partner kneels behind her and puts his/her arms through hers and tries to apply the makeup, as Mrs Pomfrey leads her audience through a lesson in makeup application. As the ‘arms’ player’s view is completely blocked by Mrs Pomfrey’s head, the results are hilariously inaccurate!

Winner: the funniest act and most accurate application should each win a prize.

Note: Don’t attempt mascara or eyeliner - nothing pointy near the eyes!

Draw a Face Design

You will need: paper with a blank face already drawn on (find a template face on the internet), coloured markers, magazines or pictures for inspiration.

Aim: to create a fabulous makeup design on paper.

Either give the kids a theme like ‘skulls’ or ‘celebrities’, or just let them use their imaginations.

Winner: the neatest and most creative design.

Note: this game is good for the beginning or end of a party, as people are arriving or things are winding down.

With a bit of preparation, makeup games for kids can be lots of fun. Make sure you get some photos!

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