Natural play makeup, natural face paint kits and non toxic nail polish for children - 15% off

Makeup For Kids By Pure Poppet - The Ultimate Party Entertainment

There's no need to hire a professional face painter for your daughter’s birthday party. All you need are some giggling girls and a party pack of natural, non-toxic makeup for kids from Pure Poppet. Creating a beauty salon in your own home is so simple - and best of all you can be happy knowing that there are no nasties to worry about. It's the most fun they will ever have! Now that’s what I call party entertainment.

makeup for kids

Become a Makeup Artist

Little girls will love the huge range of makeup crayons, lip balms and mineral powders available to them from Pure Poppet. They can take it in turns to become a makeup artist and create masterpieces on their friend’s faces. No idea how to apply? No worries. Use the stencils provided to create playful and fun designs just like a pro. Use the crayons directly onto skin for a made up look, or add a dab of water to magically create colourful face paint.

Open a Nail Salon

Every little girl loves to have her nails painted like Mum. With non-toxic nail polish, every girl at the party can have their fingers and toes painted in a rainbow of colours with no allergy concerns. It’s safe on delicate skin, unlike other store bought varieties, and will wash off once the party is over.

Open a Hairdressing Salon

Set up a line of chairs and let the pampering begin. Use our non-permanent hair colour packs for bright and beautiful locks! Knowing your daughters can colour their hair ‘just for the day’ is a brilliant way to entertain them, without worrying about washing it out for school on Monday.  Every little girl will become an A-list celeb for the day! With pampering, nail painting and makeup the girls will feel fabulous.
Make the next birthday party for your daughter a beauty-do that will put Hollywood to shame. Girls will walk in pretty and walk out ready to take on the world. If you are looking for something extra to add into their goodie bags you can always include a pot of shimmery mineral powder or a crayon in their favourite color, allowing them to continue the fun long after the party is over.

Non-toxic makeup for kids is the only way to go for face painting, nail decorating and creative hairdo fun! Check out the range of packs available at Pure Poppet today.

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