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Halloween Makeup Ideas For Kids

Halloween calls for full cover face paint! Check out our great Halloween makeup ideas for frightful fun.

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Getting Started

Children’s skin is sensitive. The best kids’ face paints are non-reactive mineral products with no nasty chemicals. Pure Poppet face paints are designed to give you special effects, not side effects, even if you’re going for a full face effect.

Kids have limited patience, so make sure you have everything ready before you sit them down for makeup. Hopefully, you will have agreed on a design before you begin! YouTube is a great resource for watching step by step instructions, but don’t be convinced to do anything too complicated; try to simplify. The most effective faces use a few colours and don’t take hours to apply.

Face paint is the finishing touch to your child’s Halloween costume, so have them fully dressed and any wig or hair style completed before you start. Pop an apron or old shirt over their costume if you’re concerned about getting makeup on their clothes. Make sure it can be removed without smudging the child’s face.

Witches and Warlocks

For wicked witches and warlocks, start with a base colour of green, then highlight with yellow on the middle of the nose, the chin, forehead and upper cheek bone. Paint black or purple paint along the bottom of cheek bone, apply a line in a half circle on the chin and sides of nose and blend to soften a little. White or yellow eye shadow gives the eyes a sunken appearance. Create menacing eyebrows in black with a high angle and add a few black wrinkles (white shading along each line will make them stand out). Finish the look with black or dark green lipstick and glue-on wart! If you choose to add elements like warts or Frankenstein’s bolts, please use a child safe adhesive.


To create this look, the face is reduced to white and black planes, with the eyes ‘popping’ out of black empty sockets. Consider extending the look down the neck, chest and hands. Painting white bones and blacking out the rest of the exposed flesh will chill your audience to the bone!

A more modern take is the South American ‘Day of the Dead’ festival inspired faces, with wide grinning mouths extended across the lower half of the face. Girls might like to incorporate a wreath of flowers on the temples and across the forehead. Sequins and stick on jewels can brighten up the monochromatic look.


The base colour here is white. Shade in the temples and create sunken cheekbones with an unhealthy purple pallor. Purple eye shadow with a touch of red or pink under the eyes gives a tired, sinister impression. Iconic arched eyebrows and a ‘widow’s peak’ hairline in black will make your child instantly recognisable as Count Dracula. Bloody red lips are a must, but be wary of using fake blood as some of them stain badly. You can always use a red crayon to create a dribble of blood running from the mouth. Just add fangs and watch people run from your path!

Frankenstein's Monster

Frankenstein’s monster is a very shabby creature, so his makeup doesn’t have to be perfect! Start by sponging on a green base. Create the characteristic square head shape by using unhealthy purple shadows down each side of the face, from temple to chin. Paint in low black eyebrows and brooding black eye shadow. He needs a slightly wavy black frown line across his forehead. Blend this in a bit so that it is distinct from the black stitch marks, which can be painted on with a fine brush. Glue plastic bolts on either side of the forehead if you choose, and add a lurching walk to finish the look!


Not all kids are willing or able to sit still for makeup when there is trick or treating to be done! A full face cobweb is a quick, easy and effective way to get your child into the spirit of Halloween without too much fuss. Centre the web on the tip of the nose and draw 5-6 black lines radiating outwards. Then sketch in the connecting bars of the web. A hairy rubber spider is the perfect accessory!

Top tip: Take photos of the kids BEFORE you set out to visit neighbours and friends, whilst they look fresh and fully made up. By the end of the night, they’ll be too tired to pose, and bolts, spiders and fangs will have fallen by the wayside.

Halloween makeup ideas are a great opportunity to let kid’s imaginations run riot. If you choose products that are child friendly and which will wash off easily, you’ll create some magic memories with fewer tears at the end of the party.

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