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How To Put Makeup On A Child

Kids are some of the best imitators around and they love to imitate adult women by wearing makeup. We have two packs of natural makeup with no nasty chemicals, designed especially for kids available via our website. Learn how to help your child apply makeup by following these easy steps.

How to put on makeup


Before you begin, gather all the equipment you need. If you’re not using our products, please be sure you aren’t using old, expired or harsh products on your child’s delicate skin. Why not have your child follow along with you as you put on your face? Assemble your brushes, sponges and the all-important makeup and let’s get started. 

Putting on a face

If your child requires stage makeup for a performance you will need to apply foundation, and the easiest way to do this is with your fingers. If you are simply playing at home, apply sunscreen instead. Start applying features from the top of your child’s face, so the first area to work on is their eyes. Our play makeup packs include mineral makeup in several colours. Apply these with a brush, or mix them with a little water for a face paint look.

Cheeks are next if you are applying stage makeup. Apply blush to the apples of their cheeks.

We have included natural lip balm in our packs for your child’s lips. This makes them feel all grown up, without chemicals or strong colour on their delicate skin. 


We have completed our makeup bags and kits with a natural fragrance spray so your child can be just like mum when putting on makeup, and add some perfume too. 

Makeup removal

When you’re putting on makeup, it’s also important to remember to take it off at the end of the day to avoid skin irritations. Pure Poppet natural makeup will come off with water and a soft cloth. If you need to remove other makeup, please use a gentle facial cleanser and rinse with lots of water.

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