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How To Help Kids With Face Painting

Kids love face painting. It’s the ultimate in creative play! Help your kids have some fun expanding their imaginations this weekend or school holidays by teaching them how to paint their faces! It’s easier than you think to get started.

kids face painting                           kids face painting with Pure Poppet

What you’ll need for face paint fun!

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure your child decides on the design they want, and you’ll need to make sure it’s a design you can definitely help them achieve.  You Tube and Pinterest will come in handy here if you need some inspiration or design tips. Our natural face paint packs contain everything you need to get started. 

If your kids have decided to have their face painted on the spur of the moment, try our homemade face paint recipe (below).  Use makeup brushes and sponges, or even cotton tips and cotton balls, to apply the homemade face paint.  This handy face paint can only be used once as it won’t keep well, but it’s a great option for a bit of impromptu fun.

Whatever face paint you use, keep an apron or old towel handy to protect your child’s clothes, and prepare a damp cloth to clean up any spills or mistakes.  You’ll also need a mirror so that your child can see their design come to life. 

Homemade face paint recipe

  • 1 tablespoon sorbolene cream per colour
  • cornflour (to suit desired consistency)
  • food colouring

Mix cornflour into the sorbolene cream until it’s thick but not too dry.  Add colouring one drop at a time until you make the desired colour.  Apply to the skin in thin coats as thick layers may crack and peel off.

Let the fun begin

Help your child to clean their face first, wiping it with a damp cloth. Using a cotton ball or large brush, encourage them to apply the base colour for their design.  Lighter colours should go on first, working from the largest sections of the pattern and adding detail.  Dark colours should go on last, using a cotton tip for finishing touches. Each colour needs to dry before applying the next one, unless you are intending to blend the colours while face painting.  

When the fun is done

You will only need to use warm water and a cloth to remove our Pure Poppet face paint once the fun is over. Be sure to clean the brushes and sponges too so they are ready to go next time you’re in the mood for a kids face painting session! 
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