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Top 5 Makeup Games For Kids

Quite a few websites offer makeup games for kids, but they tend to be a bit repetitive and not much fun for kids who like hands-on play and interacting with their friends. Remember that makeup is not just for girls - games are twice as humorous when the lads get involved! Here are the 5 best games for kids who are ready to have some real makeup fun!

Hygiene and Safety

Before you start, it’s important that your games are safe and clean. Children’s skin is sensitive, so use non-reactive products. Unfortunately some childhood infections are easily spread, so have a think about how you can minimise transfer between kids. Keep a good stock of sponges and cotton buds on hand, for example, so that you can use a fresh one for each child.

One great idea is to give each child their own little set of makeup to enjoy. Pure Poppet have brilliant little ‘play packs’ which could double as lolly-free party favours. You can also raid the clearance bins at department stores or check the budget priced range at the chemist supermarkets, but be aware that cheaper make up may well be full of harsh chemical nasties. Pre-teenage girls usually have HUGE stocks of their own makeup. Why not encourage them to BYO!

Top tip: Stock up on generic face stickers (coloured stars, hearts, circles or squares). These are safe, easy for kids to use, and very effective in lots of different makeup looks.

Now, on with the games!

Re-create the Look

You will need: makeup and mirrors for each person and colour printouts of your chosen makeup ‘look’.
Aim: to copy a makeup style from the picture to your own face.

Don’t be limited to choosing styles the kids are already familiar with (like Disney princesses) - challenge them with a dramatic ‘Chinese Opera’ face or ‘tribal war paint’ idea.

Winner: the person who does the best interpretation of the theme on themselves!

Note: older kids might enjoy the challenge of watching a YouTube video and then trying to match what they have just seen.

Best Face on a Theme

You will need: makeup and mirrors for each person.

Aim: to create an interpretation of a specific theme. Choose a theme like ‘futuristic’ or ‘superhero’ or ‘underwater’ and let the kids go wild!

Winner: the most effective reflection of the theme is the winner.

Lip Prints

You will need: lipstick, tissues, sticky labels, paper and pen for each person.

Aim: to match each person to their lip print.

Each person makes a print of their lips by kissing a tissue. These are handed to the adjudicator who arranges them on a table. It might be handy to label each one on the back! Players view the kisses and write down who they think made each one. Swap answer sheets. The adjudicator identifies the owner of each tissue and the players mark the score sheets.

Winner: the person who guesses the most correctly.

Note: this game is particularly amusing when the boys play!

Mrs Pomfrey's School of Makeup & Beauty

You will need: basic makeup, chairs, a small table and makeup remover.

Players are divided into pairs. Each pair has a turn at performing whilst the others watch. ‘Mrs Pomfrey’ sits in the chair in front of the makeup table with her hands held behind her back. Her partner kneels behind her and puts his/her arms through hers and tries to apply the makeup, as Mrs Pomfrey leads her audience through a lesson in makeup application. As the ‘arms’ player’s view is completely blocked by Mrs Pomfrey’s head, the results are hilariously inaccurate!

Winner: the funniest act and most accurate application should each win a prize.

Note: Don’t attempt mascara or eyeliner - nothing pointy near the eyes!

Draw a Face Design

You will need: paper with a blank face already drawn on (find a template face on the internet), coloured markers, magazines or pictures for inspiration.

Aim: to create a fabulous makeup design on paper.

Either give the kids a theme like ‘skulls’ or ‘celebrities’, or just let them use their imaginations.

Winner: the neatest and most creative design.

Note: this game is good for the beginning or end of a party, as people are arriving or things are winding down.

With a bit of preparation, makeup games for kids can be lots of fun. Make sure you get some photos!

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