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How To Put Makeup On A Child

Kids are some of the best imitators around and they love to imitate adult women by wearing makeup. We have two packs of natural makeup with no nasty chemicals, designed especially for kids available via our website. Learn how to help your child apply makeup by following these easy steps.

How to put on makeup


Before you begin, gather all the equipment you need. If you’re not using our products, please be sure you aren’t using old, expired or harsh products on your child’s delicate skin. Why not have your child follow along with you as you put on your face? Assemble your brushes, sponges and the all-important makeup and let’s get started. 

Putting on a face

If your child requires stage makeup for a performance you will need to apply foundation, and the easiest way to do this is with your fingers. If you are simply playing at home, apply sunscreen instead. Start applying features from the top of your child’s face, so the first area to work on is their eyes. Our play makeup packs include mineral makeup in several colours. Apply these with a brush, or mix them with a little water for a face paint look.

Cheeks are next if you are applying stage makeup. Apply blush to the apples of their cheeks.

We have included natural lip balm in our packs for your child’s lips. This makes them feel all grown up, without chemicals or strong colour on their delicate skin. 


We have completed our makeup bags and kits with a natural fragrance spray so your child can be just like mum when putting on makeup, and add some perfume too. 

Makeup removal

When you’re putting on makeup, it’s also important to remember to take it off at the end of the day to avoid skin irritations. Pure Poppet natural makeup will come off with water and a soft cloth. If you need to remove other makeup, please use a gentle facial cleanser and rinse with lots of water.

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How to use face paint stencils

Face paint stencils take the hassle out of creating a beautiful paint creation every time. You only need to look at the queue of eager faces at your next school fete to know how much kids love face painting! It inspires the imagination and let’s children lose themselves in their favourite character, not to mention the joy of admire each other’s wild new looks.

Pure Poppet provides natural face painting packs for non toxic face fun! And there’s no need to try and draw an intricate animal free hand. Our guide to ‘how to use face painting stencils’ together with a natural face painting pack or play make-up stencils from Pure Poppet will save you lots of time and convince your kids that you’re the Picasso of the playground! 

Preparing the face

Pure Poppet stocks only all natural, non toxic products that are free from all the nasty chemicals found in other face paint products. It is still advisable to test a small amount on a patch of skin to check that there are no allergy issues before you get creative. Read all about the natural ingredients found in Pure Poppet products here. Once you’ve done a patch test, simply make sure the skin is clean and dry before applying face paint.

Face paint stencils face paint stencils face paint stencils

Applying with a brush

To use Pure Poppet face paints, tap out a little of the mineral powder into a small dish. Place a face paint stencil on the face. Dip the brush into a little water and use the wet brush to mix around the powder and create a smooth paint. Try to hold the stencil as still as possible to get the best result. Outline or highlight the image with a natural play makeup crayon.

Applying with a sponge

You can use a sponge applicator to wipe over the stencil for a simple no-mess application method. Prepare the mineral powder by tapping out a little into a dish. Dip the sponge into some water and squeeze out any excess. Then, use the sponge to stir the powder into paint. Hold the face paint stencil on the area you wish to paint and carefully dab the sponge over the stencil until you fill the area with colour. Outline or highlight the image with a natural play makeup crayon.

Using multiple stencils to create one design

Our natural face paint packs come with a choice of either three face paint stencil designs or three stencils that can be used together to form one design. Carefully apply each of the stencils to each area of the face, being careful not to rub off already prepared areas.

There is no need to be afraid of face painting at home, using natural and safe products. Now you can be the artist, and impress your kids with easy, practical and fun face painting stencils.

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Three awesome face painting ideas to keep kids entertained!

Face painting is a great way to entertain kids, and adults, on those long rainy days. If your kids are tired of the same old games, why not use our non-toxic face paints to turn your little ones into pirates, cheeky lions or a fairy with these super easy face painting ideas. 


Step one in creating a swash buckling pirate is to create a base with white face paint. Tap a little of the white natural mineral powder from our natural face paint girls pack into a dish. Wet a sponge with a little water and mix the powder into a smooth paint. Apply the white base across the entire forehead, on a slight diagonal above the eyebrows. You can frame this with a black line and some red dots to make this look like a bandana. Add a knot next to the eye for emphasis.

Next, create an eye patch with our natural mineral powder in black on the upper and lower eyelid. Don’t forget to add the strings of the eye patch either side and up to the bandana. Finish with a cute swirly moustache and beard. Add a scar down the cheek with a simple line and cross stitch for added affect. Arrr matey! 

Face painting ideas

Noisy Lion

You’ll have plenty of fun on a rainy day if you turn your little monkeys into cute little lions!

Create the look by simply covering the face with orange natural mineral powder. Add some white over the eyebrow, going just above each eyebrow in an arch. Frame this with a little of the black natural mineral powder and create a jagged edge.

To make the mouth, cover the upper lid and a little below the bottom lip in white mineral powder. Cover the tip of the nose in black natural mineral powder. To finish the look add a line from the nose to the upper lip, in the middle, and add some black dots and whiskers. Roar!

Fairies, princesses and more

For more simple face painting ideas, use our face painting stencils or create your own stencils using any image that inspires you or your children.

There are many free images and templates available on the web that can be used to create a stencil. Simply print and cut around the image, hold the stencil in place and fill with the appropriate colours. Use the natural play makeup crayon to create highlights and framing.

Creating lasting memories with these fun face painting ideas is a great way to break from the same old rainy day activities. Get the kids together and dress up as pirates, lions or fairies. Let your children’s imaginations really run wild. With our natural face paint packs your kids can be whoever they want, even if it’s just for a day.

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Top 5 Nail Polish Colours to Wear

Choosing the best nail polish colour to wear can sometimes be a little tricky – even when you’re a little girl, you have to decide whether to stick to your favourite shade or venture into trying something new. So to give you a little help, here are the top five nail polish colours to wear this season, and some tips on when and to what occasions you could wear these colours.

Nail polish colours

1. Perfectly pretty pink 

By far the number one choice of nail polish colour of girls everywhere, is a pretty pink just like our Issy Pink. It’s the colour of girly fun, of so many spring flowers, and often everything that’s considered pretty by little girls. Wear to parties and celebrations.

2. Warm and sunny yellow 

A surprisingly popular nail polish colour is a bright and beautiful yellow, like our Yummy Yellow. It’s the colour of happiness and positivity, and makes you think of sunflowers and heart warming smiles. Wear for an added little ray of sunshine to brighten up the day.

3. Nail polish colour that’s Gaelic green

You don’t have to be an Irish lass to wear the nature-inspired nail polish colour of green, or more specifically Lucky Green. The colour of harmony and health, your little girl (or boy for that matter) may even get some of the luck of the Irish with this cool colour dancing on their finger tips. Wear for outdoor activities, like playing in the park or riding bikes.

4. Calming, peaceful blue 

Well at least your little one’s nail polish colour can be a calming and peaceful blue, just like our Bon Bon Blue. Think calm blue ocean and clear blue skies, or maybe just a little bit of Disney’s Cinderalla. Wear to pool parties and out to the beach.

5. Regal and elegant purple 

If your little girl has thoughts of grandeur, then a purple nail polish colour may be just what she needs – like our Poppety Purple. The colour of relaxation, harmony and bliss, you may just make your little one blissfully happy with a coat of purple polish on her nails. Wear to very, very special dress up occasions.

There you have the top five nail polish colours for your little poppets this season. Choose just one colour for big impact, make patterns with two, or create a rainbow with all the colours. You’re children will love the attention of having their nails painted and the fun of having brightly coloured nails.

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Essentials for your Makeup Kits

Little girls’ makeup kits are part and parcel of their fascination with dressing up and creating fanciful games. Their imaginations are so vivid about characters they want to be and activities they want to do. Yes, it may be princesses or fairies, or it may be dressing up like mummy. And all the while they want some makeup on their faces too. So here are the few essentials you’ll need for lots of safe and fun makeup play.

Makeup kits

1. Crayons for swirls, stripes and more 

Start your kids makeup kits with Natural Play Makeup Crayons. These are pastel colours so they’re pretty and light, as well as soft on children’s delicate skin. Use the crayons to draw great swirls around faces, stripes on arms and legs, simple flowers and rainbows, plus makeup just like mummy. 

2. Create some magic with powder dust or paint 

Next add bright and vibrant colours to makeup kits for kids with mineral powders.  Almost magical, these can be used wet or dry and will have your little one’s faces glowing for all the right reasons. You can add some water to the powders for a face paint look then use a brush or finger paint it onto the body. Or dust the dry powder over bare skin or crayon. These are super versatile little pots of colour.

3. Hair colour’s a must in kids makeup kits 

Glorious locks or crazy frizz, be sure to include natural hair colours in your kids makeup kits for some outrageous looks. No need to worry, these colours aren’t permanent. But kids love the zany fun of colouring their hair to match their dress up. Think patches of bold colours or wisps making a rainbow – the options are endless and easy to wash out.

4. Add a little icing to create pretty finger tips 

The final essential of makeup kits, the icing on the cake of any dress up masterpiece is some gorgeous nail polish. Your little one may never have been so quiet and still as they sit patiently and wait for you to apply a coat of polish to their finger tips. Create patterns of alternate colours or paint dots on a base, soon you’ll have your own private nail spa with these child-friendly polishes.

So add these key items to your children’s makeup kits to help take their imaginative, dress up play to a whole new level. From fairytale themes or fast forwarding to adulthood (oh dear), by just adding a few age-appropriate cosmetics you will open up a whole world of new fun as your children play and make believe.

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